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Life Insurance Policy 401(K)

Take advantage of the Life Insurance Policy 401(k) that offers pre-retirement survivor benefit. Wondering whether you would be a good fit for this 401(k) plan or not? If you are older and wealthy and feel the need for a permanent insurance, then this plan is right for you. This life insurance policy provides maximum death benefits.

A great benefit of taking this life insurance policy is that premiums are tax-deferred and can even be funded by income generated by 401k plan assets. For the employees of United States, this is basically a retirement plan. One can save for his retirement, and avoid income tax on the interest earned and the money that is saved through this plan. Under this plan, a certain percentage of money is decided by the employee and employer that would be cut from the employee's salary and this money will get deposited into the 401K account. Some employers pay more than the employee's contribution while others pay matching contributions to the employees' to the 401k plan. Most employers keep this plan active for the rest of the employer's life even after the employee leaves the job. The employee also has the option to continue with the new employer or withdraw all the money. However, on withdrawing, the employee has to pay the taxes and interest applicable.

I hope you know life insurance policies always differ from life insurance company to company, and hence the various factors have to be analyzed strictly with the help of experts, financial advisors, friends and family members who already have takes such life insurance policies to get the best deal. There are various kind of life insurance polices available but most popular are –

  • Term Life Insurance
  • Whole Life Insurance
  • Joint Life Insurance Policy
And mostly people preferred term life insurance policy with money back plan.

A great advantage of the Life Insurance Policy 401(k) is that the employee has many options for the investing the money he has in his 401K account. One can use this money in stocks, mutual funds or even buy a life insurance policy.

Research online and get adequate information on this policy. You do not need to go to an insurance agent anymore. Apply online from the comfort of your home and save your time.

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